Schoolgirl Uniform

Schoolgirl Uniform

A standard in Japanese culture, the schoolgirl uniform is a bit of a strange fixation. But strange fixations are what Japan is all about; inventors of waifus and well, all sorts of other things I can’t go on about mentioning here. Face it, you know what this is. It’ll be a good base for a […]

Pokémon Gengar T-Shirt

Gengar is one of the cooler Pokemon. You know how Pokémon just started to get a bit weird and rubbish in the later years? Relive the golden age of Pokémon (Red and Blue) with this quality Gengar TShirt from MadTees. I never used Gengar in my original team at all, I much preferred to go with […]

Totoro Onesie

My Neighbour Totoro – Onesie

My aim in life is to be cosy at all times.My Neighbour Totoro is also one of my favourite films ever. By these powers combined my life is complete. This Totoro onesie allows me to become what I desire; a big fluffy monster that lazes around and makes strange noises. As Japanese as they come; Totoro […]